Jack In The Box Lunch Hours: Lunch Time and Available Menus

Are you looking for a quick and tasty lunch option? Look no further than Jack In The Box! With a variety of lunch menu options and convenient locations, it’s the perfect spot to grab a meal on the go. Read on to learn about Jack In The Box lunch hours and the menu items available during this time.

Definition and history

Jack In The Box is a fast-food chain that has been serving burgers and fries since 1951. Throughout its history, Jack In The Box has struggled to find its footing in the highly competitive fast-food industry. Despite several attempts at rebranding and menu changes, the company continues to struggle to keep up with its competitors.


Jack In The Box Lunch Hours

Most Jack in the Box locations serves lunch from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, Monday through Friday. However, it’s always best to check with your local restaurant as some may have slightly different hours. But don’t worry if you can’t make it during those times because they also offer an all-day breakfast menu and other delicious options throughout the day.

Location-specific working hours

If you’re craving a delicious lunch, Jack in the Box is the place to be! With its wide selection of menu items and location-specific working hours, this fast-food chain is your go-to destination for satisfying your hunger cravings. Jack in the Box branches has varying lunch hours depending on location. This means that you can always find a nearby branch that caters to your schedule! Generally, the lunch hour is from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Jack In The Box Lunch Hours

Holidays Lunch Hours

Federal Holidays

If you’re looking for a fast food option on a federal holiday, you may be wondering if Jack In The Box is open for lunch. The answer is yes! Jack In The Box restaurants typically follows their regular lunch hours even on federal holidays. However, it’s always a good idea to double-check with your local restaurant to be sure.

Christmas and New year’s day

On Christmas Day, many businesses and restaurants close their doors to allow employees to spend time with family and friends. However, Jack in the Box locations across the country will remain open during regular business hours on December 25th. This means that you can still stop by for a tasty lunch or dinner without having to worry about missing out on your favorite menu items.

Similarly, if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat on New Year’s Day, Jack in the Box has got you covered. While some businesses may have altered hours or closures due to holiday festivities, all Jack in the Box locations will be open as usual.

Thanksgiving day

Jack In The Box knows that even on Thanksgiving Day, hunger never takes a break. That’s why they’re keeping their doors open for you!If you’re looking for something quick and delicious to eat on Thanksgiving Day, then look no further than your local Jack In The Box restaurant. They’ll be serving up all your favorite burgers, fries, and milkshakes from 10:00 am until midnight!

Lunch Menu

Breakfast items on Lunch menu

From the infamous Breakfast Jack sandwich to the hearty Loaded Breakfast Croissant, these breakfast items are now available all day long. So if you missed your alarm and woke up late, don’t worry, head over to Jack In The Box for some delicious breakfast treats during your lunch break. Plus, they’ve got plenty of lunch options too – from tacos and salads to burgers and chicken sandwiches.

BBQ items on Lunch menu

Are you craving a delicious BBQ meal for lunch? Look no further than Jack In The Box! Their lunch hours provide the perfect opportunity to indulge in the mouth-watering BBQ items on the menu. From juicy burgers to savory chicken sandwiches, there’s something for everyone at Jack In The Box.

But that’s not all – they also offer delectable sides like crispy onion rings and golden fries to complement your meal. And if you’re feeling adventurous, try one of their limited-time offerings like the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger or the Spicy BBQ Chicken Sandwich. You won’t be disappointed! So head on over to your nearest Jack In The Box during lunch hours and treat yourself to a satisfying BBQ meal.

Popular Jack In The Box Lunch Items

One of the most popular lunch items at Jack in the Box is their Jumbo Jack burger. Made with 100% beef and topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onions, this classic burger never fails to hit the spot. If you’re looking for something a little spicier, try their Spicy Chicken Sandwich – made with crispy chicken breast slathered in spicy sauce and topped with cool mayo and fresh lettuce.

Deals and Discounts


Jack In The Box really shines when it comes to its lunch specials. They offer a variety of deals that include everything from burgers to tacos. And with most meals priced at under $5, you won’t be breaking the bank either. Whether you are in the mood for something classic like a Jumbo Jack or want to try something new like their Spicy Chicken Strips, there is sure to be a meal deal that suits your taste buds.

Lunch Combos

Jack In The Box now offers discounted lunch combos that are sure to satisfy both your hunger and wallet. From classic burgers to crispy chicken sandwiches and savory tacos, these combos offer great value without sacrificing taste. In addition to their discounted combos, Jack In The Box also offers customizable options so that you can create the perfect meal tailored to your preferences.

Jack In The Box Happy Hour Deals

Are you looking for a delicious lunch option that won’t break the bank? Look no further than Jack In The Box! With a wide variety of menu items available during their lunch hours, there is something to satisfy every craving. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic burger and fries or something more unique like their famous tacos, Jack In The Box has got you covered.

Jack In The Box also offers Happy Hour deals on select items from 2-5 pm daily. Take advantage of discounted prices on fan favorites like their mini churros or iced coffees. Plus, with convenient drive-thru service and mobile ordering options, grabbing a quick bite to eat has never been easier.

Delivery and Drive-Thru


Jack In The Box delivery during lunch hours, as it depends on your specific location and local delivery services available. However, you can visit the Jack In The Box website or check with third-party delivery services such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, or Postmates to see if they offer delivery during lunch hours in your area.

Drive-thru during Lunch hours

Many Jack In The Box locations offers drive-thru service during lunch hours for added convenience. Whether you’re short on time or just prefer the ease of ordering from the comfort of your vehicle, the drive-thru is a great option for getting your lunch fix. Just be sure to check the specific lunch hours for your local restaurant, as they may vary from location to location.

Jack In The Box Lunch Hours


In conclusion, Jack in the Box provides a variety of lunch options to satisfy customers’ cravings during lunch hours. With a convenient drive-thru option and online ordering, customers can easily grab a quick lunch or order ahead to avoid waiting times. Whether you are looking for a classic burger, a crispy chicken sandwich, or a hearty salad, Jack in the Box has got you covered.